tirsdag 22. februar 2011


The car currently has a gearbox with four-stud drums and (too) long rear axels...I found out that the cheapest and easiest way to fix this, was to buy a complete new gearbox....
This 'box turned up not far from home, a '64 box from a beetle - and will fit right in. Sandblasted and primed, it will be a nice piece to restore as well =)

Heater channels

The car's original heater channels are completely rusted away.....so new had to be purchased. New channels at a fair price was sourced at the CSP shop in Germany. Fresh metal always looks good, now it is just a matter of time and patience to weld them in..

torsdag 22. juli 2010


Not much is happening to the car these days....another project has to be finished first. But could not resist the chance when a friend called from a local "vintage shop". The guy at the shop did not have carparts in general, but he had these headlights he said was for a vw beetle. It was of course not for a beetle, but could it really be for a Ghia? It was impossible to tell over the phone, even with a few MMS, but I asked my friend to give him an offer, which the accepted. And what do you know....they fit! =)
Was happy to have these, they were missing when I bought the car.

New floorpans!

Visited BugRun in Sweden in June, and was lucky enough to come by these brand new floorpan halves, and with a nice price as well!

Back on wheels

The car had to be lifted and dragged of the trailer when we got it home, as it had no front suspension and no wheels. An old suspension and some old wheels have been mounted to make the car a little bit easier to move..

The birth of a blog - and a new project

The remains of a -65 Vw Karmann Ghia. Originally sold new in the US, the car came to Norway in the late 60'ies. With a seized engine, badly dentet right side, the car was taken off the road in the early 80'ies.

A lot of potential....and a lot of work....! =)